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[#1  Compact & Sleek]
A4 workspace, 6-kg light, 6-cm thin. The refined appearance with a compact footprint just fits easily on your desktop.
[#2 Powerful Laser Cartridge]
Replacing the laser cartridge for Cubiio 2 is as simple as replacing the ink cartridge in a printer. We offer two types of laser cartridges, LC35 and LC50, with different wattages as shown below. Both types are interchangeable.
[#3 Easy to Use] 
Cubiio 2 is easy to use thanks to features like Autofocus, Camera preview, Wi-Fi remote control, OTA firmware update, Cross-format compatibility, alignment-free optics, and Embedded fume filter.
[#4  Safety]
Cubiio 2 is a Class 1 laser product: naked-eye safe under all conditions of normal use. The complete enclosure prevents the laser from leaking. Lifting the lid stops the laser immediately. Cubiio 2 is equipped with an attenuator, digital lock, thermometer, accelerometer, beeper, emission indicator, and emergency stop switch. Your safety is our top priority.
[#5  Cubiio Club]
Hundreds of amazing projects are ready to use in the cloud database (Cubiio Club). Browse, download one, and laser it immediately. Even a novice will Amazing results can be always expected even though you are a beginner. Cubiio Team has hired professional designers to constantly enrich the database. Users are also welcome to upload and share their projects with the community.
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