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World’s First Laser Cube

Laser your idea anytime anywhere

●PORTABLE: 5 cm 150 gram compact laser module
●SAFE: certified Class 1, motion-triggered stop, overheat shutdown, password lock
●EASY: wirelessly controlled by a smartphone, photo/vector both supported
●For Maker, Baker, Carpenter, Leatherworker, Designer, Handcrafter, and You
●Hot on Kickstarter and Indiegogo

What can you print with a Cubiio?

engrave personal belongings

Print your name on personal belongings.

engrave a special gift

Make a special gift for a special one with dozens of materials.

Elevate product value with your own logo

Elevate product value with your own logo.

Engrave literally everywhere, even on curvy and upright surface

Engrave literally everywhere, even on curvy and upright surface.

portable, mini, compact and tiny laser engraver
Easily APP controlled laser cube

About safety

Cubiio is very safe

Your safety is our first concern.

Undoubtedly, any laser device might be harmful.
Your safety is always our first priority

Know more...

For convex, concave, and tilted surfaces

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Laser your idea anytime anywhere, what are you waiting for?


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What Cubiio customers are saying

Wilson T. / Florida, U.S. -

Hi, Thanks for the response. I have an older ipad mini that isn't running the correct version of ios for using cubiio remote on it, but thanks anyway. I have fallen in love with cubiio and she is running morning, noon and night.

Kody R. / New York, U.S. -

Hello Muherz!
I received my cubiio this past Saturday. I gotta say this is a very user friendly piece of equipment. I have had only one glitch with the app so far. Very impressed with the product so far! I do have a few ideas I was wondering if you would be able to add on future updates. Like a pause button during engraving so you can check the piece out. Also is it possible to allow the cubiio to preview the image not just the square? This would also help with placement on items. An estimated timer would be very helpful to give an idea of how long an item would take to engrave as well! Look forward to improvements!

Paul S. / Queensland, AUS -

Received mine in Brisbane, Australia today (actually arrived day before xmas but couriers here don’t deliver to boxes, and it takes several days to divert). In any case - this was definitely worth the wait. The packaging, the device itself, the accessories - all have the quality of a finished, well thought through, and manufactured to a great standard product.  

Falkenwelt M. / Niedersachsen, U.S. -

Hi all!
I am backer 4.437 from germany and i got my cubiio today from DHL. I had to pay the customs fee at my doorsteps. That was really nice that i don't have to walk to the customs.
Nice product packaging! The setup was quickly done and without any problems. The first few sessions were quite good.

Cubiio wins the red dot award

The laser engraver cubiio combines a minimalist aesthetic with excellent ease of use and a sophisticated safety concept. 

Cubiio is the revolution of laser engravers

This compact laser engraver could be the Bedazzler of its generation
(and you're gonna want one)

Portable laser engraver is convenient

Cubiio will make engraving shops obsolete.

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