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◎This is the zeitgeist of Taiwan, our very own story.

    Living in a working environment with minimum wage for maximum hour, working in OEM factories has become seemingly the only choice for science or engineering graduates. However in National Chiao Tung University, a group of students have managed to strive through all barriers in order to reach a simple goal: to show the world that the Taiwanese are not merely contract labors, and that we have excellent capabilities of research and development to claim our place in the competitive international market. “We worked day and night, messed up our sleep schedules, even thought of giving up several times under pressure,” the engineer, Bruce Chen, said pensively.

    “Back then, the three of them had very good job-offers from foreign companies, but I told them that no matter how much money they earn, the achievement can never be greater than developing a product using technology from Taiwan, a product that truly is our own.” said core-technology professor, Mason Hung, with frankly smile on his face. The team has ample creative ideas and on-going projects, such as Cubiio, a galvanometer scanning laser engraver.  
Cubiio, a perfect combination of technology and humanity, has dethroned traditional heavy, expensive engraving machines and enables popularization, for everyone to own a mighty-crafting device at home. Furthermore, the team keeps expanding the functions of Cubiio, and aspires to make new breakthroughs. The Taiwanese is known for our perseverance, and this is the spirit of our generation.

The revolution of laser engravers, here is what you have to know:

    Cubiio, a portable laser engraver that built on 4 core concepts - creativity, technology, safety and lightness - designed with intelligent hi-tech and stylish appearance, has now replaced the traditional bulky and expensive engraving machine. With Cubiio, laser engraver is now accessible to any studio and any home, having a mighty-crafting device is no longer a dream. Now, the sky is the limit, and you can enjoy creating everywhere, at anytime.

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